Services & Recent Projects

Occasionally, beaver dams can cause flooding and damage infrastructure, roads and property. Our wildlife specialists can help you manage flooding associated with beaver activity through well-designed flow device systems including pond levelers and exclusion fencing. These non-lethal devices are scientifically proven, cost effective, low maintenance and provide a long-term solutions.

Pond levellers

a pipe and cage system, pond levelers can help manage the height and volume of water near Beaver dams they are inexpensive, long-term and require little maintenance.

Exclusion fencing

Road culverts are the most common sites for problematic beaver damming. A blocked culvert can quickly cause dangerous and expensive road safety issues. Fortunately nearly every road culvert can be protected from beavers in a cost-effective, long-term, environmentally friendly and humane manner.

Tree wrapping

Our tree wrapping services can help deter beavers from chewing. A great preventative measure to keep large trees from falling on to your property or from blocking roads.

Recent projects

Though each device and situation varies, the objective is to allow water to continue flowing through an existing dam, or to prevent damming from occurring.

Photo credits: Beaver Institute

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